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Klipeze Nail Clippers Helps Arthritis Suffers.  

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90 day money back guarantee and 3 pc license, systemsuite9, click.A common problem with fingernail clipping and grooming is the inability of the user to get a comfortable grip and cutting position with the fingernail clipper. This is especially true for elderly persons with arthritis and arthritic conditions or persons with dexterity or hand strength problems. The best solution to this problem is a simple device that facilitates single handed deployment, by way of a unique push button actuation design.

The push button eliminates the cumbersome ‘lever’ associated with traditional fingernail clippers. This new fingernail clipper has proven to be a most effective design. Capturing fingernail clippings in its own housing and with a built in silicon-carbide file, Klipeze is the best fingernail clipper buy online and is offered with free shipping.

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Nail Clipper - Push Button - Klipeze
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Dispose of finger nail clippings easily and hygienic
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1. A simple push of the button cleanly and effectively captures clippings. 2. Turn Klipeze over and file nails with the built-in silicon carbide file. 3. Empty by simply tapping
the clippings out of the
cutting jaws.

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